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Exclusive design of Novial freestanding bathtubs - painting in the color you need - drawings of high detail Read more >>

Susan XL bathtub model with a deep bed and almost vertical sides, thanks to the modernization of the range, will completely replace the previous Susan XL model. Read more >>

Novial Susan - a classic bathtub of a popular design, the widest range of sizes, the only bathtub of a European manufacturer with non-standard sizes from 1 m.

Novial Consuelo - this interior bath is not only in a city apartment, but also fits perfectly into the interior of a country house. Its peculiar shape will determine the style of your bathroom and remind you of the good old days..

Size: 152.4 x 77 cm The Novial Caesar interior design will be your bathroom. It happens in red and white.

The vocabulary has been carefully selected from the most common languages, the Romance languages ​​(especially French) and German and to a lesser extent the Scandinavian languages. The grammar and sentence structure are based mainly in English, allowing students to advance rapidly.

Novial (ISO 639-3 code: nov) is an international language specialist (IAL) designed by the eminent Danish linguist Professor Otto Jespersen. Of the major IALs it is the most similar to the English and French vocabulary, and is probably the easiest foreign language for an English speaker to learn.

In each lesson the text is followed by a full list of new words and thorough notes on points of grammar and word formation. Exercises are then provided for students to practice and consolidate their vocabulary and sentence formation.

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The cast-iron bathtub is a quality of the European level, Afonya online store. Russian consumers have long appreciated the quality of their products. An attractive ratio of low cost and excellent quality is the key to the success of Novial cast-iron bathtubs in the domestic plumbing market.

thick, 7-10 mm, walls of high-quality cast iron heat and provide a minimum of noise from a water stream pouring into the bath; vitreous titanium enamel during application is densely sintered with porous cast iron, providing a no-less 30-year service life of the Novial bath; the snow-white color of the coating remains for several decades; impeccably smooth non-porous surface repels dirt and does not contribute to the accumulation of microbes, providing ease of cleanliness and traditional hygiene European design of products is developed by the best designers in Spain.

The popularity of new products is not surprising among plumbing experts. They are well aware of the positive qualities of this product:

Novial is a Spanish company incorporated in the province of Catalonia in 1958. At the beginning of its activity, its products were a variety of iron castings, but by 1970 the plant was completely converted to the production of enameled cast-iron bathtubs. This decision brought owners a considerable commercial success..

How to choose a bathtub for a bathroom? Acrylic, Cast Iron, Steel or Marble. We have solutions for any bathrooms.

Novial is a Spanish brand. Built in 2000 in Hong Kong in the wake of rapid economic growth, the cast iron bath is equipped with modern Spanish equipment. Baths "Novial" are recommended as samples of the optimal ratio of such critical parameters. In connection with the success of sales in Russia, in the near future we should expect the appearance of a new range of models of the Russian market..

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